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We are developing three projects in this moment. Below you can find details about every of them. Feel free to visit their websites as well.

serpence, free seo tools, seo tools for beginners, seo tools for developers

Serpence offers a free set of SEO tools designed for web developers, business owners, writers and anyone who wishes to explore SEO world. Serpence is intuitive and user-friendly, helping you to improve your website's performance, boost search rankings, and attract organic traffic. Manage your online presence with Serpence's free SEO toolkit. 

kronos, time management system, punch systems, rfid, time tracking, access control

Take charge of your team's productivity with our cutting-edge time management system. Our solution revolutionizes how you track employee time, integrate with HR applications, and manage access control. Forget about manual inputs, get ready to reclaim your time and transform the way you work!

hexavera, compliance, gdpr, iso, document tracking

Simplify compliance management. Hexavera effortlessly tracks and notifies HR about unsigned documents, ensuring airtight compliance. Create custom compliance documents tailored to your company's unique needs with ease. Stay compliant, hassle-free, with Hexavera.

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